Stressed lady over 40

As a woman grows, every part of her body undergoes changes, including her vagina. As if puberty and giving birth to children were not enough, a woman’s vagina and the areas surrounding it undergo changes as she gets older. Since it is a topic not easily discussed or addressed, it is therefore not easy to have reliable information regarding vaginal tract due to aging. Continue reading and find out what happens in your vagina as you get through the changes of life and age, and how you should adjust these changes with your new situation.

Aging and vaginal tract

A woman’s vagina in her 20’s

Except from childbirth or breastfeeding, young women do not haven much problems of loosen vagina. Actually, this is probably the best years for a woman to have a healthy and strong vagina that does not necessarily need restoration of elasticity. This is so because of the production of hormones which help keep that down part flexible and stretchy, acidic and lubricated.

Furthermore, the vagina is self-cleaning and does not require too much of maintenance other than daily washing with water and mild soap. The use of a tightening gel is therefore of less to no use in this period for a woman.

A woman’s vagina in her 30’s

Generally, a woman’s vagina is pretty much the same, as in her 20’s, except that there is a change in her hormones that slightly affect the inner aspect of her vagina. During and after pregnancy, she may experience looseness in her vagina, which may become less elastic than usual.

Although most vaginas will recover their pre-birth size over some time, some may not. To get rid of the issue, a solution to restore vaginal elasticity is possible. With the use of the V-Tight Gel found at https://www.vtightgel.co.za/, alongside the Kegel exercises it is delivered with, it is absolutely possible to recover vaginal elasticity.

A woman’s vagina in her 40’s

During the 40’s, which is the perimenopausal phase, a woman’s vagina undergoes tract, first of which is a decrease in oestrogen hormones, which have an effect on the vagina’s aspect. Actually, it becomes dryer and thinner and less flexible. To restore vaginal elasticity, the use of the V-Tight Gel will be of a great help, to keep that part lubricated and flexible, and regular sex will also help slow the vagina’s atrophy and foster blood flow to it.

A woman’s vagina in her 50’s and beyond

The 50’s is generally the menopausal phase, where most women have stopped menstruating. In this age and beyond, the oestrogen hormones have reduced to a level where they are completely inexistent for some women. This is why vagina atrophy is more common for women in their 50’s and beyond.

The use of vaginal lubricants or moisturizers such as the V-Tight Gel for example, will help reduce the symptoms of vaginal tract.
It is impossible to prevent the effects of aging on the vagina; it is only possible to use remedies actions to help keep it as healthy and elastic as possible.