SizeGenetics Routine for Beginners

How to get started with SizeGenetics

After investing in a penis extension system such as SizeGenetics, the first question most men ask is where do I start? Information on the best course of action can be contradictory, with some sources advising wearing the device for hours at a time, while others suggest short, often repeated sessions. What’s a guy to do?

Sizegenetics Device

To advise you on the best course of action, it’s best to draw a comparison with something you’re already familiar with: weight lifting. For a muscle to become and stronger, it has to be exposed to resistance, which is provided by lifting the weight. After each exercise, the muscles you use, such as your legs in a squat or deadlift, develop small tears. As you recover, your body repairs these tears and builds additional muscle fibres in order to better meet the physical demand of lifting the weight. This is how your muscles increase in strength and size.

SizeGenetics and other penis extenders work in a similar way by utilizing the traction principle. When you stretch your penis using the elongation device the cells stretch and then split. As your penis heals, it builds additional cells in order to cope with your penis being stretched. The result is greater length, girth, and strength.

So just like you should start with light weights in the gym, you should start with short, gentle stretches using your SizeGenetics device:

  • Begin with an hour a day, divided into four 15-minute sessions. As you become more comfortable with the device, increase the duration of each session.
  • SizeGenetics offer the largest amount of traction of any extension device currently on the market, but be sure to start on the lowest setting with the least amount of bars. Steadily increasing as your penis gets larger and stronger.
  • Be sure to encourage blood flow to your penis after each stretching session. You can do this by gently moving your penis from side to side or simply causing yourself to become aroused.