Is the pollution in the air destroying your libido?

In 1981 British artist Phil Collins released a new international hit called “In the air tonight” to touch the everlasting theme of lost love. If the legendary singer would release the same song nowadays, he would probably chant about the loss of his libido. One might consider it as a normal consequence of aging, but could it be that the polluted air we pass through our lungs every day and not just “tonight” is destroying our sex drive?

The unseen effects of pollution

If you live in a big city like Johannesburg for example, you are surrounded by pollution. In fact, you have grown so accustomed to it that you do not even let it bother you. It is strange and yet extremely worrying how easy it is for us to adapt to polluted air, tainted tap water and an invisible cloud of burnt fossil fuel.


What we fail to understand, or better said what we choose to ignore is the unseen effects of pollution on our well-being. The lack of clear air affects not only our lungs but our circulatory system as well. The immediate result of this happening is a decreased libido and a diminishing interest for passionate romance. Many women blame their lack of sexual urge on menopause, when in fact is just the air they breathe every day.

How to avoid the complete destruction of your libido

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