The South Africans work their butt off to save the environment

Before the European colonists landed at Cape Horn, South Africa was a vast sanctuary for wildlife. In less than three centuries the new occupants have managed to reduce the entire animal paradise to just a few scattered patches of protected land for thousands of wild creatures. Unfortunately, even these small havens are under the threat of poachers and illegal hunters.


A handful of South Africans work their butt off to save the environment. Without their efforts, even the last refuges would become a dry land. Whole species of animals would also perish, and precious herbs for alternative medicine remedies would become extinct forever.

The environmental problems of South Africa

South Africa has long been the playground of poachers from all over the world that made their fortune by hunting, fleecing and torturing animals. Even the current government admits that before the 2004 signing of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) there was no viable law to protect the endangered species that lived there.

The numerous species of wildlife that inhabit South Africa are not the only ones in danger. Various species of plants are under the threat of wildfires and deforestation. Many of these herbs are essential to the composition of highly efficient cures for hemorrhoids and other intestinal problems like Venapro. The eventual destruction of their habitat would lead to an epidemic of piles that would be difficult to control or cure.

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