Claim your beautiful skin with eco-friendly solutions

Acne can prove to be a fearsome enemy for your facial skin, especially if you live in a country like South Africa where the climate favors outbreaks of pimples, blemishes, and zits. The scorching sun that bathes the southern shores of Africa makes thousands of victims annually among women who lose their beautiful skin to redness, acne scars, and stretch marks.


Fortunately, are some eco-friendly solutions can protect your skin even against the most powerful sun rays. Here are a few guaranteed ways of maintaining a youthful and radiant look regardless of the place you live in:

How sunlight claims your facial beauty

This study on the effects of sunlight on human skin has revealed both the benefits and the dangers of exposing your face to the sun for a prolonged period. On the one hand, you get a healthy dose of vitamin D and a boost of endorphins that raise your morale. On the other hand, you also damage the upper layers of skin cells that cover your face and which are responsible for a fresh, radiant look that most young people display.

To maintain a youthful and serene appearance you need to protect your face every time you go out in direct sunlight. Wearing a hat or an umbrella can temporarily protect your skin from the burning sun rays. Combine them with a pair of sunglasses to enhance the UV protection.

Get a clear, radiant skin with this eco-friendly solution

Since you cannot carry around with you an arsenal of sun blockers, hats, and shades, you need a better ally for the well-being of your facial skin. Acnezine is a natural solution for acne and other skin problems that gives you a clean and radiant appearance.

Daily use of this eco-friendly cream acts as a permanent protection shield against the blemishes and redness caused by the sun. Long-term use maintains your skin moist, soft and beautiful without causing any side effects for your health.