South Africa enhances its eco-friendly programs

Is it difficult to implement eco-friendly programs in a country ravaged by illegal poachers, deforestation, and mining?


South Africa can answer that question for you. The state that has abolished apartheid less than 25 years ago is on a long road to recovery. One of its top goals is to enhance the quality of life by offering people a cleaner and safer environment.

In this regard, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in South Africa is working hard to implement projects and programs with high ecological value. In their efforts to save the environment they also strive to protect animal wildlife and plant species that are essential for alternative medicine. Here is how they work:

The race to save South African wildlife

The primary goals of the DEA in South Africa are to preserve biodiversity and to prevent land degradation. Previous administrations have long ignored these two factors, and the current government is desperately trying to make up time for it. A versatile ecosystem ensures the presence of a broad range of animal and bird species, and a multitude of plants and herbs. This fragile balance is more than often the victim of human activity.

Land degradation means that a vast area of fertile soil is either turned into barren wastelands or industrialized fields. This unfortunate practice kills several plant species, some of which are essential to alternative medicine cures for common illnesses, bacterial infections or bust enlargement.

A safe and friendly program for breast enhancement

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