The pollution in South Africa hints at an irreversible loss

A recent study shows that the level of pollutants in the South African environment has reached an all-time high. The intense human activity that has destroyed large parts of the ecosystem is backfiring towards the population. Many individuals are now in danger of losing their health to several medical conditions.


Alopecia areata is just one of the many illnesses that derive from too much pollution. Inhabitants of both urban and rural zones are losing their hair due to the large amounts of toxic chemicals found in the soil, water, and air.

How much pollution is in South Africa?

The country that has successfully put behind a violent past is still struggling to uphold general health and a clean environment. The apartheid may have fallen in South Africa over 20 years ago, but now there is another threat that could soon segregate people into critically ill and relatively healthy.

Intense industrialization of areas that used to flourish with animal wildlife has led to the destruction of habitats that played a crucial role in the ecological balance. The result of this damaging practice is now observable in the rapid decline of South Africans that suffer from hair loss and receding hairline from an early age.

Is hair loss irreversible?

While it may take years to South Africa to bring back a healthy balance to their environment, there is still hope that the people living there can grow back their hair faster than that. With a natural remedy for baldness like Profollica, you can rejuvenate your follicles and increase their hair production. Long-term treatment ensures quick hair regrowth and an enhancement of your overall health.

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