How pollution is ruining your chances of growing bigger breasts

Many girls go through puberty and adolescence looking at their perky breasts and waiting for the day when they will develop into big, juicy knockers. Unfortunately, for many of them, this dream never comes true. They reach womanhood and realize that the chances of displaying a large cleavage might be lost forever.


The reason behind this sad reality might not be genetic heritage, as many scientists were previously led to believe, but a polluted environment. As this study points out, densely populated urban areas in South Africa are responsible for the damage inflicted on breast health, including cancer and deformation.

The effect of pollution on human health

Living in a polluted environment is a sure way of developing several medical conditions. Besides common illnesses and terminal diseases, your body can also suffer from less obvious ailments. Hormonal imbalance is the primary cause behind the abrupt end of breast enhancement in women.

Unfortunately, your body’s inability to ensure hormonal equilibrium is a result of living in a tainted habitat. The toxic chemicals found in water, air, and food do not kill you immediately, but they inflict damage on several areas of your body. This is the reason why many young women fail to develop bosoms to their natural potential.

The chance to grow big breasts

A team of South African researchers has made a recent discovery that might help women live out their dream of having big breasts with minimal effort. In fact, their study shows that the day when your bust flourishes and your bra cup doubles in size is just a six-month waiting period.

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